Search engines for cheap air tickets (aggregators) is the easiest and most reliable way to find tickets at the lowest price. The essence of their work is to compare the prices of tickets in the direction you need among hundreds of airlines and all major agencies and find the best offer.

The best search engines: Bruks, Aviation and Skyscanner. Their use when looking for cheap air tickets is about 80-90% of the success.

Tip: Before you buy air tickets, check the price in all three search engines for greater reliability – so you increase your chances of finding the cheapest plane tickets. Sometimes the difference in price can be about 2-7% of the ticket price.


From a strong and unbearable desire to buy the cheapest air tickets you can also break down – in a hurry to subscribe to the mailings of all existing airlines and agencies. Doing so is not worth it – pity yourself and your mailbox, a wave of garbage pseudo-actions will simply overwhelm you and discourage all zhelanie interested in special offers in the future.

What airlines call “shares” and “interesting offers” are not always by them – they are usually just a marketing move to attract attention with appeals to buy air tickets as quickly as possible. To sift the wheat from the chaff in this area is not an easy task, requiring a clear understanding of what the ticket price is usual and what is the promotional price.

The easiest way to do this is by subscribing to our VKontakte page – announcements of fresh news appear there instantly.


Buy the cheapest tickets can only be at a certain time, the whole year for weeks on end minimum prices will never hold. Therefore, always adhere to the rule – as soon as there is a chance to buy cheap tickets, they need to take advantage. Once you have read the news about the sale or you yourself have found an attractive option on the search engines, do not hesitate – buy.

Also you need to know the periods when airplane tickets can be bought cheaper:

a year before the planned trip;
2-3 months before departure;
a few days before departure.
Of course, the rule is not iron – this is, rather, a trend. Keep in mind that counting on the latter option is always risky.


Live in St. Petersburg – check the prices for flights from Moscow and Helsinki, live in Perm or Chelyabinsk – ask if there is a possibility to buy cheap tickets for a plane with a flight from Ekaterinburg, and so on. Sometimes it can save more than one ten thousand rubles. For example, when you see news like “To Europe from Yekaterinburg from 6100 rubles.”, You do not need to hope that a good wizard will enjoy similar prices for residents of Perm, Tyumen and the entire Urals district, you just need to take and book such incredibly cheap tickets as long as there are chance.

Residents of Moscow, too, should not yawn. Yes, 80-90% of all actions and interesting proposals of airlines are relevant only for flights from the capital, but this does not mean that you need to forget about the remaining 10%. It makes sense to check whether there is something tasty for departures from Pulkovo.


Competently use loukost-opportunities – it means:

Fly from the cities nearest to us Europe: Vilnius, Kaunas, Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki, Lappeenranta, Tampere. From the airports of these cities you can fly for almost 10-30 euros to almost any point in Europe, and also extremely cheaply – to Israel, Georgia, Morocco, the Canary Islands and the Azores and not only. Read more about this in the article on how to cheaply travel to Europe.

Do not forget about the fact that some discount airlines fly to Russia: for example, from Moscow you can cheaply fly to Budapest aboard Wizz Air or fly to London on EasyJet. From both these cities it is also possible to fly cheaply anywhere in Europe.

To invent complex routes of travel, proceeding from the direction in which the low-costers enjoy especially low prices. We planned to go to Barcelona and suddenly learned that from there you can fly to Malta for 28 euros (1880 rubles), and from it to Milan for 10 euros (750 rubles)? So why not collect from such pieces the route of a busy and very budget trip (an example of this). It’s simple and fun!

Refuse luggage, because most budget airlines have their transportation paid separately. Sometimes you can buy very cheap tickets (for € 10, for example), and for luggage to pay three times as much. Travel light is so much cheaper and easier.


Some airlines are ready to make discounts to passengers if they fly by the company and book tickets for several people at once.

For example, an EasyJet loukoster usually discounts when air tickets for two and three people are booked: the discount can be 7-10 euros for each ticket. Wizz Air has a loyalty program – Wizz Discount Club. By purchasing membership in it (€ 30 for two, € 50 for up to 5 people), you can buy any tickets for at least € 10 cheaper within a year (that is, membership pays off immediately).


It is interesting that sometimes you can just invent a “friend” and get free discounts for your air tickets. Our imaginary friend must be an infant (for a ticket for children under 2 years old, you usually do not need to pay). It is worth while to look for tickets for the plane to add as a passenger a baby, how to your ticket a discount is used – sometimes very tangible. This trick does not always work – it all depends on the agent selling the ticket, the airline and the search engine. As far as I know, the trick still works only on the Airways (most often for Transaero tickets).

Of course, no babies will fly with you – when registering for a flight, just think of a good reason why the kid did not fly (fell ill, stayed with someone from his family, etc.).


Airlines like to earn on direct flights, because many are willing to overpay (at times a lot) for convenience, speed and the absence of tedious connections. Well, let’s think over the detours and make the airlines sell us the cheapest tickets.

All that is needed is to pretend. To pretend that we want to fly not where we really need to go. Are you going to Tallinn? Do not rush to look for air tickets for flights to this city, let’s better pretend what we need in Oslo. See for yourself, the best offer for tickets to the Estonian capital is 5430 rubles by direct flight of Estonian Air.


As already mentioned above, any system of price calculation is imperfect and sometimes fails – it happens most often in complex routes of flights, but sometimes it happens with simple ones.

The rule is simple: if you find incredibly cheap air tickets (for example, in South America for 25,500 rubles.), Do not think for a second – take it. Do not call your brother / matchmaker / wife / friend – if they succeed, they will approve the initiative. Do not (in any case) call the airline or the agency asking why the price is so low. The erroneous tariff for that and erroneous, that no one knows about it, and as soon as the fact of its existence will be noticed by air ticket sellers, the shop will be immediately closed.

Yes, you need to be prepared for the fact that the ticket, mistakenly sold at an excessively low cost, can be canceled by the airline. In this case, you simply return your money – all to a penny. So this is the worst version of the development of events – with what they were, so they stayed. But it is possible and another outcome – tickets will be confirmed, your journey will take place, while you damn save.


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