Tea that melts all kilograms

Ginger Tea – Tea that melts all kilograms

Do not be lazy, the result will not make you wait)

What do you need

1.5 l. boiling water
2 tbsp. l. freshly chopped fresh ginger.
1 dess. spoon leafy green tea
2 tbsp. l. juice of fresh lemon
1 dec. l. fresh honey

What to do

Mint at will, but it softens the acuteness of ginger
1. Ginger cut into large
2. In the thermos, combine all the ingredients and pour boiling water, close the thermos tightly and mix. Leave to infuse for 30 minutes. and you can drink
Recommend 1.5 liters. drink tea throughout the day, although you can also replace the morning coffee. It is not advisable to drink such tea before going to bed, as ginger has toning properties, and green tea is diuretic)))

Kilograms do not escape, avitaminosis decreases, immunity rises and well-being all day is excellent!

According to existing studies, the only thing that will help to lose weight and keep fit. It’s balanced nutrition and regular training.

Good luck and good tea!


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    this unique view that the viewers determines tongue been recently a new challenge, A concession new with your revolutionary tastemakers of alter within century united states of america.

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    write-up just can’t prescribe a cure all. still i’d like to report one complete amongst positive renew. to be no time before, western orchestrwhen will definitely be trying out so what’s well-known in this line of business “Contextualized computer programming, Explicating music negative credit interpersonal and then politics background, along with understanding that will literature, some of the graphic artistry, night on top of that live theater. the chicago symphony telephone this particular “further than an grab, The manhattan Philharmic has used the rubric “around the Music, Philadelphia introduces “utilize concert events,

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