ways to accelerate the metabolism

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Metabolism is the process of metabolism in the body. Often it is he who plays a key role in our complexion. A person with a fast metabolism, as a rule, is thin, regardless of whether he eats cakes or salads, but for those who have a slow metabolism, they are less lucky …

To be afflicted is not necessary, because the process of metabolism can be controlled. We have 9 ways to accelerate the metabolism, following which, you will force the body to digest food and burn calories at times faster. The main thing is to do them all in a complex.

9 ways to accelerate the metabolism

Drink warm water with lemon

If you just woke up and have not decided what to do, drink water. With lemon. After drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice, you will clean the intestines and start the process of metabolism.

Squeeze the juice from a lemon slice into a glass with warm water, and for additional use add 1 tsp. honey.

Wake up 30 minutes early

If you get up early for you – a real test, try to still pull yourself together. Get yourself into the habit of setting an alarm for 30 minutes before your normal rise time. Early awakening is inherent in us by nature itself, so it is so important for the metabolism to synchronize the biological clock with real time.


after waking up jump! With a rope or without, but 5 minutes of jumping in place will cause lymph to circulate through the body faster, clearing it of the toxins that accumulated overnight.


Morning stretching is very important for all muscle groups, joints and spine. You can do it right at the bed after jumping. Perfectly invigorates, but does not require much time: 5 minutes are enough!


To accelerate the metabolism after stretching poprisey, 10-20 times will be enough. After such a daily morning warm-up, the well-being improves at times.

Eat 2 eggs

Two boiled eggs do wonders. Eggs are rich in vitamins, protein – a building material for muscles and perfectly sated. Add this product oatmeal, cottage cheese or salad – a rich breakfast is ready!

Drink a cup of green tea

In green tea, there are many antioxidants and substances that accelerate metabolism. After a vigorous awakening, the need for coffee disappears, but tea will be an excellent solution. Also, it is not superfluous to drink green tea during the day.

Take something to eat with you

Large breaks between meals negatively affect metabolism. Take something with you for a snack before lunch break: dried apricots, nuts, or apple.

Do not forget about water

Water is a key element of the proper operation of all body systems. Experts say that at a time when a person is thirsty, his body is already dehydrated. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish your water reserves on a regular basis.

Try to keep the water bottle always at hand. Very soon regular drinking will become a habit, and you, of course, will feel positive changes.

Start every morning with observance of these simple rules, and the question of losing weight will soon go away from your agenda. Metabolism will inexpressibly accelerate! Do not forget to tell your friends about this.


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