I have compiled a list of PRINCIPLES OF EASY LIFE that can help you develop positive thinking


– Nobody calls for eating rose petals – we are not elves or fairies. But if there is a choice between pea soup with smoked pork ribs and oxalic soup with egg, it is better to prefer the latter. And the stomach will be lighter, and it is much easier to wear us after sorrel. And so in everything. Think not about calorie content, namely about ease. When you imagine how it looks like aerated whipped cream from a can of stone falls into the stomach, you want to eat them much less.


– Frivolity in our culture is considered something to be condemned and condemned. But if thoughts are easy, like butterflies, jump from one to another – it’s fine. That’s what we say about such ease, because with it you do not get bogged down, as in a swamp, in every bad thought. And I thought a little, I sank, maybe even, and then shook myself, started and flew farther. But let the bad remain somewhere out there – you can not see from here.


– It’s not in the sense of winter you need to go in a T-shirt and shorts. But in the sense of clothes should be without a lot of “bells and whistles”, a simple and understandable cut. So that without the strain of the brain it was clear that this is a skirt. And these are trousers. And not a skirt-trouser jacket with a hood. And do not listen to fashion designers who offer complex cuts to “drape” complex shapes. The figure you have is what you ate. So do not wear on yourself something that resembles intricate curtains. And if you do not like the figure, and change the figure.


– Before you resent, read it to the end. Nobody has in mind women of easy virtue and male Lovelace. The point is that relationships should bring joy. In the mass. It is clear that there is no one honey, tar is always present. But let in relations, and in friendship, and in friendship there will be so much honey that you can not notice the notorious spoon of an unpleasant product.


– Sociologists note that most people have a very difficult walk. We forcefully push our feet into the ground. We stoop. We drop our eyes and head down. And in general we walk as if we are carrying a heavy load. It’s funny, but even women with high heels are subject to this “weight”. Gradually start to “facilitate” yourself. Spread your shoulders, chest forward. Raise your head and lift your chin. Look into the distance, not to your feet. And imagine that wherever you go, you will receive a long-awaited gift of fate. Presented? Well, then, and with a heavy gait said goodbye. Because there, where we will be well, we fly – easily and swiftly, as in childhood!


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