Top-10 books for reading to your child from 4 to 16 years! Recommended for reading!

Here is the list of Top-10 books for reading to your child from 4 to 16 years! Recommended for reading! 

Up to 4 years: 

1. А.С. Pushkin “Fairy tales”:”The Tale of Tsar Saltan”, “The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights”, “The Tale of the Golden Cockerel”, “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish”.

2. Russian folk tales: Kolobok, Ryabka Ryab, Morozko, The Frog Princess, Vasilisa the Fair, Kroshechka-Khavroshechka, By the Pike’s Command, etc.

3. Agnia Barto “Toys »(« Bull »,« Bear »,« Elephant »,« Airplane »,« Horse »,« Truck »,« Myachik »,« Bunny »,« Kozlonok »,« Korablik »). “We are with Tamara” (We are with Tamara, Katya, Greedy Egor, Lyubochka, I’m superfluous, Bear cub-ignorant). 4. Edward Uspensky “Crocodile Gena and his friends”, “Vacations in Prostokvashino.”

5. Roots Chukovsky “Aibolit”, “Barmaley”, “Bibigon”, “Moydodyr”, “Mukha-Tsokotukha”.

6. Tales of the peoples of the world. 

7. Irina Tokmakova’s “Poems”.

8. Sergey Mikhalkov, “Uncle Stepa,” “Three Little Pigs,” “A Story of an Unknown Hero.” 

9. Marshak S. Ya. “Here is the scattered one”, “Twelve months”, “Moustached Striped” and other poems. 

10. Donald Bisset “Fairy tales”. 

In 5-6 years: 

1. G. Kh. Andersen “Fairy tales” 

2. P. P. Ershov “The Little Humpbacked Horse”.

3. R. Kipling “Fairy tales”. 

4. G. Oster “Harmful advice”, “Grandmother of the Boa constrictor”. 

5. V. Bianchi “Forest was and tales”, “Ant” and others.

6. The Brothers Grimm “Fairy Tales” (“The Bremen Musicians”, “The Wolf and the Seven Goats”, “The Pot of the Kasha”, “The Grandmother of the Snowstorm”, “The King-Frog or Iron Heinrich”, “The Boy with the Thumb”, “Snow White and seven dwarfs “,” Bluebeard “and others). 

7. J. Rodary «The Adventures of Cipollino», «The Journey of the Blue Arrow».

8. TI Aleksandrova “The Little House Kuzya.” 

9. D. Harms “Poems for children”, “Plich and Plyukh.” 

10. V. Mayakovsky “What is good and what is bad.” 

In 7-8 years: 

1. Lydia Charskaya “Sibirochka”, “Notes of a little schoolgirl”, “Notes of the orphan”, “Romantic stories for girls.” 

2. Yu Olesha “Three Fat Men”, “Blind Musician”. 

3. V. Dragunsky’s “Deniskin Stories”. 

4. Lazar Lahin “The Old Man Hottabych”.

5. Eno Raud “Clutch, Polobotinka and Moss beard”. 

6. S. Prokofiev “Patch and Cloud”, “The Adventures of the Yellow Suitcase.”

7. RV Shulzhin “Funtik and the old woman with a mustache.” 

8. Tove Jansson “Moomin-trolls” (“The Hat of the Sorceress”, “Hemul Who Loved Silence”, “Moomin-Troll and the Comet”, “At the End of November”, “Memoirs of the Pope of the Mummy-Troll”, “Mumi-papa and Sea “,” Spring Song “,” Dangerous Summer “,” Magic Winter “).

9. Luciano Malmuzi “Neanderthal boy in school and at home”, “Neanderthal boy, or the Great campaign”, “Neanderthal boy and Cro-Magnon people”. 

10. E. Veltistov “Adventures of Electronics”, “Rassi”, “Million and one day of vacation”. 

In 9-10 years:

1. A. Pogorelsky “Black Hen or Underground inhabitants”.

2. Andrey Nekrasov “The Adventures of Captain Vrungel.”

3. PP Bazhov “Ural Tales” (“Copper Mountain Mistress”, “Malachite Casket”, “Stone Flower”, “Mountain Master”, “Fragile Twig”, “Two Lizards”, “Prikazchikov’s soles”, “Tayutkino mirror “,” About the Great Poloza “,” Fire-pokaskushka “,” Sinyushkin well “,” Silver hoof “,” Golden hair “,” Bogatyrev mitten “,” Cat ears “,” Ivanko-Krylatko “,” Cast-iron grandmother ” , “Zhivinka in the case”, “Sun Stone”, “Vasina Mountain” and others). 

4. A. Belyaev “The Island of the Lost Ships”, “The Head of Professor Dowell”. 

5. Daniel Defoe “The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.” 

6. Mark Twain “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, “The Adventures of Haeckelbury Finn”, “The Yankees at the Court of King Arthur”. Stories. 

7. G. Kuttner “The boiler with troubles”, “The progessor is covered”.

8. A. Azimov “The End of Eternity”, “Steel Caves”, “Naked Sun”, “I am a Robot”. 

9. Vladislav Krapivin “Boy with a sword”, “In the depths of the Great Crystal”, “Zhuravlyonok and lightning” and others. 

10. F. Salten “Bambi”. 

At 11-12 years old: 

1. Strugatsky “Monday begins on Saturday”, “Search for Destination, or the twenty-seventh theorem of ethics”. 

2. Jules Verne “Children of Captain Grant”, “The Mysterious Island”, “Fifteen-year-old captain”, “Around the world in 80 days”.

3. Myths of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. 

4. AS Green “Scarlet Sails”, “The Golden Chain”.

5. Antoine de Saint-Exupery “The Little Prince”. 

6. R. Sabbatini “The Odyssey of Captain Blood”, “The Chronicles of Captain Blood”. 

7. Honore de Balzac “Shagreen skin”, “Father Gorio”, “Eugene Grande”.

8. M. Gershenzon “Ballads about Robin Hood.” 

9. Leonid Soloviev “The Tale of Hodge Nassreddin.” 

10. JRR Tolkien “The Lord of the Rings” (“Brotherhood of the Ring”, “Two Strongholds”, “Return of the Sovereign”), “Silmarillion”.

13-14 years: 

1. Victor Hugo “Notre Dame Cathedral”, “Les Miserables”, “The Man Who Laughs”. 

2. Griboedov AS “Woe from Wit”. 

3. S. Lem “Star diaries of Ion the Quiet.”

4. A. Tolstoy “Hyperboloid engineer Garin”, “Aelita.” 

5. R. Sheckley “Stories”. 

6. V. Shefner “The Palace for Three”, “A Million in the Sweat of the Face”, “The Name for the Bird”. 

7. Harper Lee “Kill a Mockingbird”. 

8. Alan Marshall I can jump through puddles, Whisper in the wind 

9. G. Matveyev Green chains, Secret fight, Tarantula

10. Zheleznikov Scarecrow 

11. Oscar Wilde “Portrait of Dorian Gray”.

At the age of 15-16: 

1. J.D. Sellinger “The Catcher in the Rye” and short stories. 

2. Franz Kafka “The Castle”, “The Process”. 

3. Ken Kesey “Above the Cuckoo’s Nest” (“Flight over the Cuckoo’s Nest”). 

4. Venedikt Erofeev “Moscow-Petushki”. 

5. Julio Cortázar “Winnings” (1960), “Playing Classics” (1963), “62. Model for the assembly” (1968), “The Last Round” (1969), “The Book of Manuel” (1974). 

6. FM Dostoevsky “Poor people”, “Demons”, “Idiot”, “Brothers Karamazov”, “Crime and Punishment”. 

7. S. Lem “Futurological Congress”, “Nasromk”, “Eden” and others. 

8. Victor Pelevin “Chapaev and emptiness”, “Omon Ra”, “Life of insects”, “Yellow arrow”, “Generation”

9. Tatyana Tolstaya “The Goddess”. 

10. Ulitskaya L. “Casus of Kukotsky”, “Medea and her children”.


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