13 ghost towns from around the world, each with its own creepy story


In the world there are a lot of abandoned cities, or as they are called, “ghost cities”, each of which has its own history. And if about Pripyat and Chernobyl did not hear only the deaf, then you did not even know about the existence of some “dead” cities.

Pripyat , Ukraine.


The city was founded not so long ago – in 1970. After the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, it is considered one of the most famous “ghost towns” in the world. In this regard, in recent years, the number of tourists wishing to visit the city and its environs, has increased significantly.

Centrailia , PA, USA.


In 1962, underground fires began here, which continue to this day. The photo clearly shows how smoke is churning out of cracks in the asphalt.

Kayakoy village


Today Kayakoy village is a museum in Turkey, consisting entirely of ruins. Most people fled the city during the first Greek-Turkish war, and the buildings were damaged by a strong earthquake in 1957.

Kadykchan , Russia.


After a major mine accident in 1996, the entire population left the city. In many empty houses you can still see old things – evidence that people left the city in a hurry.



The city of Chaiten in Chile became unsociable after the eruption of a volcano in 2008. The damage was so great that the locals were forced to move to the neighboring cities and villages.



Fordland in Brazil can be called the biggest mistake of Henry Ford. The oligarch dreamed that plantations of rubber-bearing trees were grown on this place, but the soil in these parts was barren. Moreover, Ford insisted on Americanizing local workers, to which they responded with a riot in 1930. The workers fled to the jungle and hid there for several days before the arrival of the army units.

The city of Agdam


The city of Agdam was once inhabited by tens of thousands of people. Due to the Karabakh war, the city was completely destroyed. Now in its place you can see only the old cemetery and the remains of the Agdam mosque.



“ghost town” in the Komi Republic. The beginning of the end for this settlement began in post-Soviet times. Some residents of the city survived until 1995, until they turned off the boiler room. Residents left the city by force, not without the participation of riot police – with knocking out the doors, children’s crying and pleading old people.


Shurab is a city in northern Tajikistan.

The Russian mining village Pyramid

Russian mining village Pyramid

The Russian mining village Pyramid on the island of Western Spitsbergen of the Spitsbergen archipelago, which was mothballed in 1998.



Podzhooreale is a ghost town in Sicily. Became so in 1968 after a strong earthquake.



Krako is another abandoned city in Italy.



Sewell is now an uninhabited mining town in Chile, high in the Andes.

These cities attract with their mystery. To be honest, I even wanted to visit one of these mysterious places. Do you like the material about the abandoned cities of the planet? Like and share the article with your friends so that they have something to read.


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